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Software Development Capabilities

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Modernization / Library Updates

Most applications leverage libraries that are constantly updated to address security and performance issues. For systems that do not leverage technologies such as Maven - upgrading

Distributed / Grid Processing

E-Government Solutions leverages many closed and open source platforms including Apache Hadoop to develop custom processing solutions for very large data sets. You can also see our Cloud / Distributed Computing section above for a more in-depth description of our web-based service offerings in this area.

Custom Scripting

Let us create custom scripts for everything from data scraping, and report generation to bulk exporting of financial data by leveraging shell scripting languages as well as Ruby, Python, PHP, and Perl.

Web-App Security

Recent reports have found that 90% of existing web-applications both in government and private organizations have vulnerabilities. These include remote code execution, SQL injection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting), and Username enumeration vulnerabilities among others. Most vulnerabilities can be avoided by leveraging frameworks that have built in functionality for dealing with these vulnerabilities, taking special care when using or by working with a development team who understands and takes the time to code security layers to deal with them. Software that does not use frameworks that help deal with these vulnerabilities have several techniques and tools to help secure their application. From custom proxies and filters, to custom embedded solutions leveraging technologies such as those provided by OWASP, E-Government Solutions can help make your application secure for both your organization's servers and to your application's users. Contact us for more information, or to learn how to test your application for common vulnerabilities using both closed source and free open source tools.

Flex (Flash / Air) Applications

Flex based Flash or Air applications that communicate with a J2EE or Ruby on Rails backend. Create cross platform applications without the need of complicated installs using flash (web) or air (desktop). Give us a call to discuss the benefits of building your next application to run on AIR.

Firmware Development

We develop custom firmware for your custom hardware. From robotics, to robotics and home appliances, our development team utilizes the latest technologies to bring your hardware to life.

Databases Modeling, Development, Management

E-Government Solutions offers customization, installations and distributed configurations for the following database technologies. RDBMS Systems including Oracle, Oracle Berkeley DB, MSSQL, Postgres, and MySQL Column Oriented Databases including Apache Hadoop HBASE and Casandra. XML Databases including Oracle Berkeley DB XML and many open source solutions.


Installation, Customization, Support for many open and closed source portal platforms including: LifeRay Portal, Liferay Social Office, Oracle Portal, Microsoft Sharepoint, and more. Contact us for a full list of portal products we offer integration services for.

CRM - SalesForce.com, Siebel

We provide the full range of services around salesforce.com (SFDC): System architecture End-to-end implementation Administration Customization Enhancements and custom application development Development Data management Integration with other systems