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Software Development Capabilities

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Cloud Web-Application Development

One of our focuses is software development for virtual private clouds running in your organization's data center as well as public clouds such as Amazon S3, Google App-Engine and more.

Most of the current web-application cloud environments such as Google Apps and Amazon S3 leverage distributed column-oriented databases. Unlike traditional RDBMS systems which focus on normalization, these systems require a different way of looking at your data model. eGovernment Solutions has the expertise and experience to build your team or help guide it toward the optimum leveraging of these highly scalable systems.

Distributed Computing

Processing very large sets of mission-critical data quickly and efficiently can present many different challenges—especially when inexperienced teams are involved. It's crucial to have the requisite knowledge and experience employed in the successful development and implementation(?) of large-scale solutions that leverage the multifarious components of a distributed architecture. Such components include distributed filesystems and databases, job management, parallel process frameworks and more.

eGovernment Solutions's Distributed Architecture team has experience implementing solutions using many different open and closed source platforms such as Apache Hadoop. From net-centric operations systems, which must process large amounts of raw data into useable information, to processing of financial or security event logs, a properly implemented system can handle almost anything you throw at it.